Unveiling The Magical Difference Between Sharara and Garara

Posted on: March 4th, 2023 02:15 PM

Fashion is all about improvising the legacy of generations with contemporary twists! The gararas and shararas suits are making big noise in the fashion realm! 

The artisanal impression of the flared silhouette takes over any season, any occasion, any fabric, and any age! Every woman must own a few pieces in their closet. 

Difference between Garara And Sharara

Team Nakhrali loves to deliver happiness in twirls and some thumkas that come naturally with garara-shararas. Although both names are used interchangeably, there is a prominent difference between the two silhouettes. The Sharara is fitted at the waist and flows freely into a flare without horizontal joints. While garara is fitted to the knee and then flares to the bottom and has multiple horizontal layers.

Bringing in a collection online and in-store to elevate your look effortlessly! 

We love to help you dress up, not just for parties but for everyday styling too!

We also bet you'd know what you want - a garara or a sharara after you see the distinctive collection shared below!

Don’t miss out to be a part of Nakhrali’s fashion brigade and choose your favorite here.


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