Style Staple Elegant Suit Sets You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

Style Staple Elegant Suit Sets You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

December 22nd, 2022

Even if you don’t wear traditional Indian outfits for everyday styling, you will always have a few (or more) suit sets that grace your wardrobe! Whether you reside in India or abroad, the endless festive occasions and weddings require a great collection of Indian suit sets. 

Do you like to collect eclectic suit sets for side functions, social gatherings, and guest invites in weddings that call minimalism interspersed with vibrant and pro-finesse designs?

In this blog, we have curated a collection of breathtaking suit set styles that are super popular in all seasons! 

Suit sets are style staples, and handpicked influencer choices are used to inspire the display here. We are sharing the latest and most loved suit silhouettes.  

Printed Suit Sets

Always favoured by all, printed suit sets have it all when it comes to styling, silhouette, vivid colours, and tradition! Must-have for every suit sets lover, here are some best picks from the Nakhrali Roots collection.

Anarkali Suit Sets

A royalty-fostering and elegance-dripping silhouette that never loses its charm. Even a minimalist Anarkali suit set looks like something that grabs attention and the flare is always flattering. Nakhrali has Anarkali suits for every mood and every vibe! Check out these and let us know which ones you like!

Palazzo Suit Sets

Palazzos have become a rage in the fashion world! Palazzo suit sets have turned around the contemporary fusion with flares and we can’t get enough of them. The best thing about palazzos is they are omni-occasion, use them whenever, wherever you want, and they will elevate your look with finesse and ease.

Jeevanshi Suit Set

High-Slit Suit Sets

This style has taken over the ramp-walk at all events this season and it doesn’t look like going out-of-style anytime soon. A blend of traditional suits with crafty side waist-high slits, festooned with choicest details renders a chirpy look with all the grace of suit sets. Your wardrobe will be complete if you have a few pieces like these.

Angrakha Suit Sets

The angrakha silhouette is also one of the regal-inspired ones. Having a few pieces of angrakha suit sets in the wardrobe can get you ready for a soiree or a quick get-together in a minute and create a look that has a lasting impression. The tassels highlight the complete neckline and bodice with a unique elevating aura.

Still in doubt? You can always reach out to our fashion-led team for more information or to simply get their help and choose the best suit sets that match your preferences. Contact us at 

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