7 Stunning Punjabi Juttis Every Women Must Own

Posted on: May 16th, 2023 10:26 AM

In a world that celebrates the fusion of fashion and comfort, juttis have emerged as timeless footwear that beautifully blends tradition and contemporary style. Juttis are handcrafted, flat-soled shoes known for their intricate embroidery, embellishments, and exceptional comfort. They have become a popular rage globally, thanks to their unique versatility and ability to enhance any outfit, be it ethnic or Western.

We couldn't focus more on why juttis are a superior alternative to heels, offering the perfect combination of tradition and comfort. Not only they can be made in designs that are most opulent and handcrafted with details you only dream of, but they are also made from vegetable-tanned leather which is highly organic and super lightweight! 

The Fascination of No Left or Right Jutti
Do you juttis have no left or right feet? Any jutti will perfectly fit any foot? Wicked isn't it?
The most intriguing aspect of juttis is that they do not have a designated left or right foot. This unique characteristic allows the shoes to gradually mold to the shape of the wearer's feet, ensuring a perfect fit over time. While it may seem unconventional at first, this feature contributes to the comfort and flexibility that juttis offer, and rest assured it does gradually adapt to your foot shape, becoming your perfect pair.

Without further ado, let's begin the spree for the top favourite Punjabi jutti designs of the year 2023!

1. Golden Snitch 
Take that precious glow of resham embroidery that will grace every occasion with an opulent charm. Amazing karigari and tailored stitch that will take your comfort to next level! Whether you are a guest at a wedding or choose to pair it with your festive outfit, the look will only elevate! 

2. Butterfly Fauna

A charismatic jutti, that might garner attention right as you step in. An artisanal piece with a lovable teal hue and multicolored embroidery that has the versatility of adding glamour to traditional as well as your western denim looks! It is needless to say the comfort is high like every other Nakhrali jutti.

3. French Kiss

The most subtle form of art is this. No colour blocks, no siding ways with occasions, just a mellow combination and finesse in breathtaking embroidery that is as versatile as it gets. Adorn it with a mull cotton suit set or a bohemian tunic top/denim look and change the rules of styling game.

French Kiss

4. Sunrise Vibes 
Alluringly stylish jutti covered in satin fabric and the most intricate zari and sequin work. Bedazzle the onlookers and leave them astonished at the most vibrant jutti ever. Now you know what to pair with your haldi outfit at the next wedding!

5. Chestnut Man
The brown jutti embodies simplicity and originality effortlessly. Its earthy hue and minimalistic design capture the essence of understated elegance. The design continues to the back of the jutti to give it a timeless symbol of authenticity, offering a touch of tradition in a world of ever-changing trends.

6. Destiny's Child

The black jutti with delicate pipe sequin work is a masterpiece of minimalistic elegance. Its understated design, featuring sequins tastefully scattered all over, adds a touch of glamour. This versatile footwear can effortlessly enhance both traditional and contemporary ensembles, making it perfect for occasions like weddings, festivals, parties, and cultural events.

7. Calming Cauldron

The exquisite purple jutti showcases intricate mirror work and charming tassels cascading down its backside. Its stunning hues blend seamlessly in a captivating gradient, making it an ideal choice for festive occasions and wedding celebrations. This jutti effortlessly combines elegance and flair, becoming a must-have accessory for those seeking to make a style statement.

For a traditional look, pair a colorful, heavily embroidered jutti with an elegant saree or a flowing lehenga. If you prefer a fusion outfit, juttis go well with palazzos, long skirts, or even jeans. They effortlessly blend Indian aesthetics with a contemporary touch.

One of the primary reasons juttis have gained popularity over heels is their exceptional comfort. Unlike high heels that often cause discomfort, foot pain, and blisters, juttis are crafted with soft materials that mold to the shape of your feet. Juttis effortlessly blend comfort and style, making them ideal for casual outings. Pair them with a flowy maxi dress, cropped pants, or even shorts for a relaxed and bohemian look. Opt for bright colors and quirky patterns to add a pop of vibrancy to your outfit.

Whether you are attending a wedding, a cultural event, or simply heading out for a casual outing, juttis can elevate your entire ensemble.


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